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Learning Outcomes

Students will learn - To design their own Characters, Levels, Tasks, and understand how a game is visualised and designed - Get familiar with Makecode which has lots of other different applications for coding - Animation - Block Coding - variables, functions etc. - Introduction to Javascript - Students will learn how to create 3 of their own games that they will have access to after the course.

What is included in the course?

- Access to their Games and the platform after the course is completed - 6 x 1 hr sessions with a highly experienced Coding Teacher - Opportunity to continue creating projects outside of the hour session - Technical Support from our team during the 6 weeks - Support from the tutor for 6 weeks answering questions about the project - Option to purchase a console which they can play their games on

My child has no experience with Makecode

That is totally fine, we start by introducing the students to the platform and assess students needs and experience to tailor projects to their level of digital literacy and coding.